Supporters of Keith James Photography

Robert White

Photography for Life and Keith James Photography is supported by Robert White (Flaghead Photographic Ltd). Robert White sadly died of cancer in November 2015 aged 62 and the business in now owned and run by Flaghead Photographic Ltd to the same excellent standards.

I am very proud of this association because Robert White Photographic is a specialist independent camera retailer that is second to none, but more importantly, Robert White left £10million specifically for cancer care in Dorset where the retailer is based.

I use high quality prime lenses for a lot of my work and this is a niche in which Robert White Photographic specialise. My best lenses are Carl Zeiss prime lenses from Robert White Photographic.



I use Páramo clothing systems in all weathers and temperatures; it works. It is a favourite of mountaineers and photographers. I recommend Páramo clothing and this link to their site provides all the information you will need…

Páramo support Photography for Life and have provided me with a Pro Image card which is wonderful.



No introduction needed for these legendary Canadian hats and anyone who knows me knows I wear one when I’m taking photographs. As the label says they are made with Canadian persnicketiness.

I’m delighted to know that Tilley support Photography for Life.

These hats are unique. There are tough, cool and can be used in any weather until perhaps it becomes sub-zero. If you do wear one out (I did after 15 years) it will be replaced for free because they come with a lifetime guarantee.

I recommend Tilley and check them out on their website...



Reviews & Testimonials

"Keith gave up his Saturday down-time to spend the entire evening at our joint 50th and 21st party at The National Centre for Early Music in York. He entered into the spirit of the evening and his brilliant photographs really capture the atmosphere and fun that everyone was having."
- Andrew and Fiona McBeath, near Malton 2016

"Keith kindly came along to photograph our wedding on 16th August and only requested that we made a donation to charity. We honestly couldn’t have chosen a better photographer and person to be there with us and capture the emotion and the energy of the day. All of our friends and family commented on how lovely Keith was throughout the day and we are completely in love with our photos. Keith was present and directing the photos in the rain when he needed to be but also made himself invisible to get the natural shots that we had requested. We can’t thank Keith enough for being part of such a special day for us and he has truly made our memories come alive. Every time we look at our photos we relive the day and that’s more than we could have asked for. Thank you Keith!"
- Natalie and Mike Scattergood - September 2019

"We were getting married on 22nd September 2015 in Cornwall and were not looking forward to the process of choosing photographers/videographers to capture the day. Finding the right human, skilled with a camera and its parts and an eye for a shot.
Luckily we were spared this decision and Keith, as a friend, offered himself for our day. He loves his lenses Keith, often waxing lyrical to the uninitiated like us about their purpose and beauty. Lyrics we love but have no understanding of, we are holiday snap types. The stunning clarity of our wedding photos are firstly a testament to his deep knowledge of his cameras working parts. Then is the tricky art of composition. Keith spent time previous to the wedding day, whilst we were all relaxing, preparing. Angles, positions, light, locations – he joined us all for a drink later when he felt his work was done. It was also a difficult venue for photography with an extremely dark, but very romantic, candlelit interior.
Oh if you could see our photographic memories taken by Keith on the day....all shots inside and outside perfectly capturing people and place for posterity. We'd love to re-live our amazing and crazy wedding day, but only if Keith agreed to come back to Cornwall to capture it all again."
- Cathy and Andy, Wedding in Cornwall, 22nd September 2015

"We asked Keith to take photographs at our daughter's prom party at our home. In what must have been challenging circumstances in among over 50 teenagers, Keith managed to create some wonderful images and a perfect record of the event. Keith's enthusiam and love of photography is clear to see and he has a natural ability of spotting and capturing those decisive moments.
We love Keith's idea of 'Photography for Life' knowing that the cost of the beautiful images was simply a donation to Keith's chosen charity."
- Jason and Marie Gandy of York

I've been asked to write testimonials before, but refused. I have never felt comfortable offering my voice to work that didn't constantly and honestly do something for me.
Credentials: I am not an academic, I was a professional photographer, exhibited and published. (Before digital.)
Photography is now in the hands of everyone and all think they can make the perfect picture. With the current equipment, perfect pictures are two a dime. If photography is to hold its own as an art discipline, it's the eye and the voice of the photographer that has to count.
Keith has a good eye - his images are well composed, they visually please. But more important his work is honest; he’s in the experience he’s photographing, and therefore the viewer is in the experience too.
I’ve never met Keith our friendship has evolved from client to friend through our correspondence, and his photography. He regularly sends me images he’s made, and ruthlessly I give my opinionated opinion.
From time to time I ask him to ‘send me something’…. I’ve never been let down.
His work stimulates and demands reflection.
I share his commitment to cancer funding and find his ‘terms’ refreshing and a lesson for many many others.
Singing high praise always sounds fictitious, dubious and questionable. However, I know Keith has a range of work in his portfolio, and I warmly, without any hesitation recommend him to anyone wanting to engage him, wishing him only good things in his photographic adventure.
- Bee Berman, France
September, 2015